*Hidden* Add & Use Calculator on iPad

Use Hidden Calculator On iPad - Secret Revealed

Hey there! If you are a daily iPad user, you may notice that iPad is having no app for calculation as it is in iPhone. But don't worry! Today we will show you, How to Use Calculator on iPad & Calculator For iPad Free.

If you are a student or an employee and you use your iPad in your daily work, you may face the problem of calculation on it. You will notice that there is no calculator app in iPad, so you will either have to download one from outside or make use of something else.

Today, we will show you how you can perform calculations on an iPad besides downloading an app, and also the best choice of apps which can really help you in your productive times rather than making the work messy!

Why there is No Calculator App for iPad?

So far, the question might come in your mind that if iPhone is having one calculator app, then why not the iPad? Well, your question is really naturally to come.

If you’re deep in the Apple ecosystem you’ve probably noticed that the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Mac all have calculator apps. But the iPad doesn’t. This has left many people wondering why, and that’s exactly what I’ll explain right now. When the iPad was being created, a guy named Scott Forstall was leading its software development.\

Use Hidden Calculator On iPad - Secret Revealed

He was responsible for the skeuomorphic interface featured early on in iOS, and the calculator app included with the iPad prototype was simply a scaled up version of the iPhone’s. The software team assumed the final product would ship with this calculator, but once Steve Jobs saw it one month before the iPad’s release, he met with Forstall right away. Saying, “where is the new design for the calculator? This looks awful" Forstall replied, "what new design? This is what we are shipping with.”

Jobs said, "no, pull it. We can't ship that.” Although Forstall tried to convince Jobs to keep the calculator on iPad, he was given an ultimatum: Redesign the calculator’s user interface to make it look good on the iPad’s larger display, or it won’t be included. With the iPad’s release just weeks away, Forstall knew his team wouldn’t be able to create a new app from scratch, so the original iPad shipped without a calculator. Forcing users to download third party solutions from the app store, most of which have ads and provide a worse experience than simply including a scaled-up version of the iPhone calculator.

Steve Jobs isn’t CEO of Apple anymore, but they still haven’t included a calculator on iPad. Well, it just so happens that MKBHD asked Craig Federighi about this in an interview. So they won’t create an iPad calculator until it’s truly great.

Later on, when iPadOS 14 was released, Apple quietly updated Siri to automatically disappear after about five seconds. Something that makes the experience much more pleasant, especially when using hands-free voice commands. So based Apple’s previous actions, I do expect to see a native iPad calculator app, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

How to Use Calculator on iPad?

iPad Calculator: Siri

Use Hidden Calculator On iPad - Secret Revealed

Siri is not an app, but it can still provide you answers for your calculations! Yeah, you heard right, Siri is really good at mathematics and can perform calculations for you, to do calculations using Siri, follow these steps:
  1. If you haven’t already set up Siri on your iPad then go to settings.
  2. From various options select Siri and search.
  3. Now enable the Siri.
  4. And then, set up your voice by following up on the screen instructions.
  5. Now you have Siri enabled on your iPad so we are ready to go.
  6. Go to the home screen and long-press the home button or say hey Siri.
  7. Ask a mathematical quesetion like, what is 12% of 50.
  8. So that’s how you can use Siri as a calculator app.
But there is a catch here, Siri works only with an active internet connection. So make sure you have a working internet connection.

iPad Calculator: Spotlight Search

Use Hidden Calculator On iPad - Secret Revealed

The second method to get Calculator on your iPad is the spotlight search. Yes, you heard that right. Spotlight search is an inbuilt search engine as well as a Calculator app on every Apple product. Siri works well with basic calculations but it’s not as good when it comes to calculating silently. That’s when Spotlight search comes in handy.
  1. Simply swipe down on the home screen and this will activate spotlight search.
  2. Type in your calculation problems.
  3. This will instantly provide the calculated results.
  4. Spotlight can also be helpful in basic arithmetical problems, and conversion.
And the best thing about spotlight search is, you can calculate even if you don’t have a working internet connection on your iPad. So, spotlight is better than Siri in this case!

iPad Calculator: Calculator App

Use Hidden Calculator On iPad - Secret Revealed

Third and the easiest way to get a calculator on the iPad is: using calculator apps from the App Store. Did you know? If you Open App Store and search for Calculator, you’ll find various calculator apps for iPad in the App Store. Follow these steps:
  1. Open up App Store on your iPad.
  2. Go to search, search for 'Calculator'.
  3. Here, you can choose the best app you like.
  4. Click on install and it's done.
There are some calculator applications that give a lot of ads and working on them becomes too much difficult, so you can checkout this calculator app for iPad: Calculator - Pad Edition, it is really a great app with limited ads on it.

One more thing about this app is that, like the calculator app on iPhone, it's having the same kind of color and theme, which makes it more better working on an iPad!

FAQ - How to Use Calculator on iPad?

How do I use the calculator on my iPad?

There is no number cruncher App pre-introduced on the iPad. You should download one in the iTunes Store. Utilize the application store application on your iPad. Look for number cruncher and you'll track down a significant number decisions.

Is there a built in calculator on iPad?

The iPad has many elements, yet it does exclude a calculator application out of the case. Though the iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and surprisingly the iPod contact highlight a calculator as standard, there will never be been one on the iPad.

Why isn't there a calculator on my iPad?

Apple never fostered a simple calculator application for iPads that Steve Jobs enjoyed or was happy with. Occupations needed the adding machine to be a unique thing on iPads and some explanation the product configuration group just never came through on this. In this way, Apple never delivered a number cruncher for iOS for iPads.

Why is there no calculator on iPad pro?

Steve Jobs nixed the number cruncher from Apple's unique tablet since it was weak — just the iPhone application ungracefully exploded to iPad size. "There's certain things that we have not done in light of the fact that we would need to accomplish something actually unmistakably incredible in that space," the Apple VP clarified.


So, these were the three various methods, using which you can easily do calculations and have a productive time! This was how you can Use Calculator on iPad. You can write your queries in the comments below, if you have any! Have a nice day!

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