[Fix] Server is Started at Port 5500 Live Server

Fix: Live Server Not Working in VS Code

If you are the one who’s getting Server is started at 5500 but failed to open in Browser Preview error, shortly after trying to run the Live Server, then this problem can be solved by doing some changes in the settings.

How to Fix Server is Started at Port 5500?

Follow these steps to fix this problem:

  1. Step 1. Open up your Visual Studio Code.
  2. Step 2. Press Ctrl + Shift + X keys to open up the extensions. Or, you can click on the extensions icon on the left side to open it up.
  3. Step 3. Move to Live Server extension under Installed.
  4. Step 4. Click on the gear icon at it's bottom and open up Extension Settings.
  5. Step 5. Navigate to  Live Server > Settings : Use Browser Preview, if it's selected then un-select it.
  6. Step 6. Now, move to Live Server > Settings : Use Local Ip, if it's un-selected then select it.

It's done, now you can try opening your work in browser using the Live Server. Now, it should work properly.

How to open a Port 5500 Browser?

If your Live Server don't opens up the browser tab on giving command, there might be some minimal issue with your Live Server, at the moment.

So, you can try opening up the following link manually in browser:<filesname>. Here, change the <filesname> to your prefered file location. For example:, you will see the page till the time live server is running.

How to Fix Live Server?

If your live server isn't working properly, then you can try out restarting the VS Code. First of all, remember to save your work so that you wan't have to regret later on. Most of the times, restarting VS Code can solve the problem.

If the live server isn't yet working, then you can checkout the following article: Fix: Live Server Not Working, this can help you solve the live server not working problem in VS Code.

How to Change the port on VS Code Live Server?

  1. Step 1. Open up VS Code.
  2. Step 2. Use Ctrl+Shift+I Shortcut key to open up Extensions (on the left side).
  3. Step 3. Find out the live server extension, then click on the gear icon at the bottom of it, and open up Extension Settings.
  4. Step 4. Here, find out, Live Server > Settings: Port, under this, click on Edit in settings.json.
  5. Step 5. Here, set the port on which you wanna open up live server (set value to 0 for random ports).
By these steps, you can change the port on VS Code Live Server.

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This was how you can fix the Server is started at 5500 but failed to open in browser preview problem inside Visual Studio Code. In case of any problem, you can write it down in the comments section below.


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